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The Centre of Excellence in Faculty Hospitality and Tourism have been established in 2004. The main focus is to m ake it as a o ne-stop center for research, consultation, training and publication in hospitality and tourism field. The centre will also be responsible in providing assistance in management of tourism -related events such as conference, seminar and exhibition whether held locally or at the international level. Moreover, it serves as a focal point for enhancing partnership and industrial networking among various local and international organizations; universities, tourism agencies and tourism associations. The centre will offer its specialisation in the areas of:

“Where university, industry and people merge in tourism research and training for
the benefit of the country”


  • To offer expertise in hospitality and tourism management through re search, consultation and training
  • To enhance ties and industrial partnership between university and the industry
  • To produce competitive research for the purpose of hospitality and tourism products development and national tourism strategy
  • To create awareness to the public on the importance of hospitality and tourism to the country through training and publication


  • To conduct research through shared intelligence with various organizations such as higher education institutions, tourism agencies, public and private companies as well as other interested parties.
  • To provide professional consultation, expert advice and training in various areas of specialization in hospitality and tourism by UiTM academicians to partners and agencies required for such services.
  • To produce and improve various research works in hospitality and tourism which can be applied by the University and public and private agencies.
  • To ensure innovative, excellence and competitive research outputs.
  • To serves as a platform for partnership among local and international universities and hospitality and tourism agencies primarily in academic activities such as journal publication and organizing conference and seminar
  • To serves as a country’s dynamic resource center for hospitality and tourism research that contributes to the development of tourism industry in Malaysia.

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